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Things are rapidly changing and evolving in our world every day, and we realize that these changes bring questions about how we plan to safely operate in 2021. We are using this action plan to keep our families updated on how Highlander is adapting and modifying programming based on developments from the CDC, ACA, and NCDHHS, as well as from our local health authorities. We do not expect to have our camp procedures solidified until later in the spring. Please know that we are working hard to make this summer the best one yet.

Cabin Unit

Our cabin unit has been around since 1957, and it is the ideal model for operating a safe camp experience according to the CDC and ACA. Highlander will continue to live, work and play in our cabin unit, and we anticipate that within their cabin unit they will not have to wear a mask. As always, campers will eat and participate in activities as a cabin. We will increase cleaning and sanitation standards in the cabin from once a day to three times a day.

Before Camp

In order to operate a safe, successful summer, we must partner with parents to send healthy campers to camp at the start of the session. While we have not settled on the expectations for campers and families prior to arrival, we expect it to include a self-quarantine prior to camp, daily pre-camp screening and a negative test prior to arrival, based on the CDC guidelines.

Opening and Closing Day

Opening and Closing days will be altered for safe arrival to and departure from camp each session. Parents will not be allowed to walk on camp or see the cabin when dropping off campers. We will be striving to maintain a healthy and safe environment for our campers and staff, so we will ask that parents stay in their car during drop-off and pick-up.

Daily Schedule

The daily schedule is a part of the Highlander tradition. Our campers love the structure and routine of our day, and even our week, and it provides a sense of stability and security while they are away from home. We will strive to adhere to the schedule as much as possible, but we realize it may be adapted to allow for more sanitizing, daily screenings and group size limitations.

Dining Hall

At Highlander we eat family style. This summer we will be using the model we used at our 2020 Family Retreats. Campers and Cabin staff will remain at their table during the meal, and we will have servers who wear masks and serve their food. We will still provide a variety of menu items, but campers and staff will order their meals on menu cards a couple days in advance so we can best meet the needs of the campers during the meal. There will be no salad bar, sandwich bar or fruit bar, though these menu items will be available to order through the menu card.

Activities and Evening Programs

We will continue to offer our same amazing activities (and maybe some new ones), and we will increase our cleaning and sanitation standards at each activity area. We will offer our traditional fun-filled evening programs, but those may look a little different this summer based on the CDC guidelines for group gatherings. Every cabin will have a fun EP planned each night, but there is a possibility that not every cabin will be doing the same EP on the same night. We will continue to monitor guidelines and evolve our plan to maximize fun for our campers and staff this summer.

Sanitation Standards

“WASH YOUR HANDS” has always been a part of the culture at camp, and it is more important than ever. Campers and staff will continue to wash hands before every meal at our hand washing stations and throughout the day. Our Highlander staff will increase the cleaning of community bathrooms, common areas and cabins. We have added even more hand sanitizing stations around camp for use before, during and after camp activity time.

Visitors and Tours

In an effort to protect the health and safety of our camp bubble, we will not allow visitors or tours of camp during the summer season.

Louisiana and Florida Bus Service

We are currently evaluating if we can safely and successfully provide transportation with a bus service this summer. As always, we want to do all we can to support your family, so we are working to find a safe solution for transportation to and from camp for our Louisiana and Florida families.

Program Protector Insurance

Unfortunately, you may need to cancel your camp enrollment due to a family emergency, illness, injury, or other unforeseen circumstances. To that end, we’ve partnered with Program Protector, a third-party travel insurance company to provide an optional safety net for you. Program Protector is available while completing your camp application, and we encourage you to consider this option to protect from 65% - 100% of your camp investment depending on the reason for cancellation.

Program Protector Family Letter


If you have questions please call the Customer Service Specialists at Program Protector (MH Ross) at 1-800-423-3632.

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