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Blue American Apparel Camp Highlander T-Shirt

Price: $25

Highlander Swag from American Apparel! Be in style and comfortable this summer with this lightweight and super soft shirt.

Available from XS to XL


Highlander Sweatshirts

Price: $38

Stay warm on cold nights with this old school sweatshirt! Made 100% by solar power, you can feel good about this purchase. Looks like the 80’s, feels like heaven!

Available in: Orange, Red, Carolina Blue, Pink, Yellow, Grey, and Salmon (shown).
Sizes available: S to XXL

No picture available for this item

Organic Grey Sweatshirt

Price: $48

Why just stay warm when you can feel AND look good too? This 100% organic sweatshirt feels so soft to the touch, you might just think it’s made of clouds! And, you’ll feel as warm and cozy as your heart does when it’s back at Old Forge Mountain!

Sizes available: XS to L


Facebook T-Shirts

Price: $15

Like Camp Highlander on Facebook? Sometimes showing it online just isn’t enough! Show the world which camp you support with this exclusive Camp Highlander Facebook t-shirt. What’s not to “like”? #OneLove

Sizes available: S to XL


Tervis Cups

Price: $26

Can’t get enough Tervis? Neither can we! The new Camp Highlander Tervis cups are sure to be the envy of all your friends back home. Now you can drink from your favorite Tervis cup with your favorite camp patched right on the side!


32oz Nalgene Water Bottles

Price $15

Staying hydrated, whether at camp or back home, is key to maintaining your health and energy. Stay lively and refreshed with the Camp Highlander 32oz Nalgene! With a selection of eight rad colors, you’ll be “style-drating” instead of hydrating on those hot summer days!

Available in: Frosted Green, Mint Green, Blue, White, Black, Red, Orange, and Purple.


Survivor Bracelets

Price: $6

Think you have what it takes to survive at camp? Slap on one of the new Camp Highlander Survivor Bracelets and you’ll be prepared for anything, especially when it comes to looking like a real CH veteran!

No picture available for this item

Highlander Picture Frames

Price: $10

Need a special place for that one photo that really captures everything Camp means to you? Look no further than the Highlander Picture Frames. These stylishly decorative frames will help remind you of those long summers days at the place we call “Home”.

Available in: Blue and Green


Highlander Playing Cards

Price: $8

Got any two’s? No… But we do have 52 reasons you should by a deck of Highlander Playing Cards! It might not be rest hour at home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t think of Highlander when playing your favorite card games! You’re sure to hit the Jackpot with these!


Mini Camelbak Water Bottles

Price: $12

Those heavy water bottles really weighing you down on short trips? Pack lighter with the Mini Camelbak Water Bottles. These smaller cousins of the original Camelbak water bottle are lighter and easier to pack, but still offer the same ease of drinking. Get one today!

Available in: Orange, Green, Black, and Yellow.


Nike Camp Highlander Hats

Price: $36

It’s time to get that blazing sun out of your face with the Nike Highlander Hat! Not only does it block your eyes from the sun, but it keeps your head cooler with the breathable mesh material from which it’s made.

Available in: Tan, Navy Blue, Carolina Blue, White, and Black

No picture available for this item

Straw Cups

Price: $10

Look casual while sipping on a cold drink with the Camp Highlander Straw Cups! It’s like you’re at Gus’s Place year round!

Available in: Green, Orange, Purple, Blue, Red, and Black.


Girls Camp Highlander Athletic Shorts

Price: $36

A camper’s life is an active life. So get out into the world and have fun in these sporty, cute new shorts. Available in a mix of fun, bright colors you’ll love the look, and the feel, of the Camp Highlander Athletic Shorts for girls!

Available in: Pink, Green, Blue, and Orange
Sizes available: YS to L


Boys Camp Highlander Athletic Shorts

Price: $32

Boys will be boys… so prepare them for their next wild ’n wacky excursion with the Camp Highlander Athletic Shorts for boys! These sweat-wicking shorts will keep the skin cool and dry during those physically exerting activities.

Available in: Navy Blue and Red
Sizes available: YS to XXL


Youth Camp Highlander T-shirts

Price: $12

These timeless T-shirts are simple and fun. With the Camp Highlander logo branded on the front and an assortment of colors to choose from, this item should be first on the list of any camper!

Available in: Carolina Blue, Red, Orange, Grey, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Navy Blue, Tie-Dye, and Black
Sizes available: YS to YXL


Highlander Sweatshirt Blankets

Price: $38

Cozy up with a good book or a great movie and your Camp Highlander Sweatshirt Blanket. Twin size and perfect for your bunk at camp this summer! Available in a variety of colors and patterns.

Colors: Hot Pink, Grey, Red, Royal, Carolina Blue, Orchid Purple, Seafoam Green, Vintage Green, Orange

Available Patterns: Light Pink Polka Dot, Rainbow Polka Dot, Pink Candy Stripe, Henna, Chevron (shown), Multicolor Geometric


Highlander Hoodies

Price: $38

Stay warm on cold nights with this hoodie! Made 100% by solar power, you can feel good about this purchase.

Colors: Grey and Black (both shown)


Gus' Place Tee

Price: $20

Sizes Available: Youth Medium- Adult XL


Adult "A Place Like No Other" Tee

Price: $15

Sizes Available- Adult Small-Adult X-Large


Keep Calm and Camp On Tee


Sizes Available: Youth Small- Adult 2XL


Quick Dry Towel



Sunglass Croakies


Colors Available: Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Grey, Black, and Red.


LED Flashlight


Colors Available: Sliver, Blue, Orange, Purple, Carolina Blue, Red, Black, Green, Pink, and Teal




Colors Available: Tie Dye (shown), Blue, and Pink




Colors Available: Blue and Pink