Girls' Camp

Our purpose in Girls Camp at Highlander is to create a supportive family environment for our campers, free from the social pressures of their every day life. Our cabin unit philosophy is the ideal platform for our girl campers to try new things, develop life skills and learn what it means to be a true friend.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

At Highlander, we understand the gift that a summer camp experience provides our girls to just be themselves. Our counselors emphasize the importance of loyalty to friendships, being true to oneself and the cabin unit at Highlander, while encouraging our girls to enjoy this amazing gift they’ve been given.

Although our campers will see their fellow brother campers at meals and at EPs, the focus of the counselors and campers always comes back to the cabin unit and the friendships between girls.

Cabins and Divisions

Each cabin in Girls Camp is a sisterhood of 10 girls and led by their two dynamic female counselors. This group will learn to live, learn, work and play as a group, while growing as individuals.

All of Girls Camp is a family, but we have three age divisions on camp – Senior Girls, who range in age from 13-16 years old, Intermediate Girls, ages 10-13 and our Junior Girls, ages 6-10. Each division will have age appropriate policies, bed times, guidelines and even camper or activity privileges to provide a loving, safe environment for each camper.

Our Senior Girls cabins are located near the heart of camp, and our boys cabins are on the opposite side of the mountain, with Senior Boys at the top. Male campers are not allowed to be in Girls Camp for any reason.

Cabin Assignments

Camp is a wonderful opportunity to make new friends for life, and we encourage our campers to embrace this benefit of camp. Campers feel welcomed by their cabinmates, who are the same age or grade. We do allow each camper one cabin request, that will be honored if the request is mutual.


The cabin unit provides excellent supervision and role model leadership for our campers 24 hours a day. Campers and staff travel as a group to activities, meals and EPs. Campers view being with their cool counselors as a perk, learning from them and having a big sister to look up to. Our parents find great comfort that we are providing the ultimate care for their child while they are away from home.

Priceless Memories

At the beginning of each week, each cabin is given their schedule of on-camp activities and off-camp adventures for the week. Our Head Counselors of Girls Camp will plan special events and activities for cabins or divisions to enjoy, creating memories and magic that bond our girls together.

In Junior Camp, our girls enjoy a princess tea party, where they dress up, enjoy tea, lemonade and treats, and share princess stories. In Intermediate Camp, the girls may have a sidewalk chalk party and decorate the assembly court for all of camp, after everyone has gone to bed. What a great surprise the next morning! In Senior Camp, girls enjoy a spa party in the gym, painting nails and enjoying a facial with their best friends. These are memories that last a lifetime!

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