Boys' Camp

Boys Camp at Camp Highlander is an environment that fosters a firm sense of brotherhood, while instilling skills and traits that will serve them throughout their lives. We believe that every camper is a unique individual that adds value to our mountain, and our mission is help them grow into the men they were meant to be. Boys Camp is a place where campers can find a better understanding of themselves and each other, all while having the summer of their lives.

Our male cabin staff know the importance of the cabin unit and provide their campers with a community that cultivates brotherly bonds. We want our campers to play, explore, and try new things in a way that is truly living. Whether it is conquering our five-sided rock wall or learning the fauna of Western North Carolina, Boys Camp is a place where the spirit of adventure combines with the power of brotherly love.

Cabins and Divisions

Each cabin is team of 10 campers with two outstanding counselors to guide them through their journey at camp. Although our sisters in Girls Camp are a part of our Highlander Family, Boys camp… it’s a “guy thing.”

Boys Camp is separated based on age group, with three distinct divisions: Junior Boys Camp (6-10 years-old), Intermediate Boys Camp (10-13 years-old), and Senior Boys Camp (13-16 years-old). Each division has age-appropriate policies and guidelines that provide a safe, nurturing environment for our campers. Our younger boys’ cabins are located in Liberty City, near the center of camp, opposite to Girls Camp. Intermediate and Senior Boys’ cabins begin as you travel further up the mountain with Intermediate Boys Camp residing on Hilltop and The Alamo, and Senior Boys Camp calling Tenny Top home.

Cabin Assignments

Specific cabin assignments are distributed by sex, age and grade within the division. Our mountain family is based on the principle of meeting new people and creating new friendships, thus encouraging campers to enter the summer with an open attitude. However, we do afford our campers the opportunity to request one cabin-mate.


The cabin unit provides excellent supervision and role model leadership for our campers 24 hours a day. Campers and staff travel as a group to activities, meals and EPs. Boys at Highlander look to their counselors for the role model example and enjoy just being one of the guys. Parents rest comfortably in the knowledge that their son is being lead by our responsible mentors.

Unforgettable Adventures

We strive to create experiences for our Boys Camp that they will cherish always. Junior Boys could stage an “undercover operation” to retrieve a secret artifact from the depths of Dining Hall, but we’re not at liberty to say for certain. Intermediate Boys just may find themselves in the middle of a division-wide Bombardment tournament where no man is left behind. Ever heard of “MoonDisc?” Our Senior Boys will find out as they take a normal game of Ultimate Frisbee and turn it on its head by playing at night with an LED Light-Up Disc. It’s clear to see that Boys Camp at Camp Highlander is the adventure of a lifetime!

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