Activities & Programming

Activities at Camp Highlander are FUN, FUN, FUN!

From opening day to final farewells, our campers enjoy so many fun and exciting activities and programs with their cabin unit that it’s hard for them to choose a favorite. Whether they are playing on the soccer field, climbing a mountain trail, tubing down the Mills River, beading a necklace for mom, or performing on stage during Highlander’s famous Evening Programs, our campers learn to work as a team, accomplish individual goals and discover new talents— all in the spectacular mountains of North Carolina.

Campers take part in the great bucket sling in which everyone gets soaked.

As a cabin group, campers will participate in many on-camp and off-camp adventures. Our campers will challenge themselves with new activities and progress in perfecting old skills. While in a cabin group, a camper feels more comfortable to try new things and step outside their comfort zone. Our goal is for each camper to leave with a heart of courage from challenging themselves and a smile of joy from personal achievements and unforgettable memories.

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