A Camp for Boys and Girls

An Unforgettable Night

The table was set for a fine dining experience. Campers spent the afternoon learning about proper table setting, dinner etiquette and conversation topics with their counselors. The young men were taught about the importance of holding a door open for a young lady as a sign of respect and where the meaning of chivalry comes from. The young ladies discussed the proper way to dress for an evening such as this; how to place your fork down between bites and not to reach across the table.

All the guests arrived to the porch of The Lodge for a formal affair. The Highlander Fine Dining Experience commenced. It was an evening the campers will always remember at Camp Highlander.

Our Coed World

We always say that Camp Highlander is more than just a camp; we are a family. Families are built within the cabin of 10 boys or 10 girls who learn to trust and depend on one another as family. At Highlander we strive to create an environment that cultivates the communication and social skills that can only be provided through a coed experience.

We live in a coed world, and Camp Highlander embraces it while encouraging our campers to uphold the values of our Camp Highlander creed when interacting with their peers. The confidence our campers gain through our activities will instill courage to interact with their Highlander brothers and sisters.

Send the Whole Famliy

One of the greatest benefits of being a boys and girls camp is that brothers and sisters experience the fun of camp together. We talk to families all the time who find great comfort in knowing that their children will have their brother or sister near by while they are away from home.

Although your children will have different schedules and be in different cabins, there is great security in knowing that they can wave as they pass down the road, or sneak a quick hug in the dining hall in the morning, or even play a game of ping-pong during free time. Chances are they will be too busy having fun, but the knowledge of a loved one near by is always there.

Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!”
Albert Einstein

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